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Erotische Kontaktanzeigen - How to Increase Sex Drive In Women

Sexual involvement or physical proximity is an important facet of man-woman relationship. It actually determines whether a man would love his woman better and vice versa. In other words, the emotional bond or love between couples gets strengthened because of sex. In order to explain, we may say that when a man and woman are in love, their hearts unite; but when their body also unites, they become each other's soul mate. Sex is meant to provide unfathomable pleasure to partners. But this happens only when both partners participate in the lovemaking act whole-heartedly and actively and are capable of enacting each other's fantasies or satiating each other's demands.

Sex drive or libido is of paramount importance in lovemaking. In fact, the entire lovemaking act revolves round both partners' libido. It decides whether the act would be enjoyable or not. If any of the partners lack sex drive, the lovemaking act misses out on the element of passion and turns out to be dry, drab and cold. Libido may be defined as the desire or the natural urge for lovemaking. It is differently termed as libido. Low libido or absence of libido is a problem that torments women the most and may threaten to ruin of their love life.

This problem comes along with the problem of delayed orgasm or difficulty in attaining orgasm. Thus these women cannot enjoy lovemaking.We may now take a glance at the causes of low libido in woman. Some of the causes are as follows: fatigue from the multiple roles that a woman has to play, fear of painful penetration, poor communication and conflict with partner, low self-esteem, past history of sexual abuse and the guilt and shame related to that, poor body image, surgical procedure carried out in breasts or genitals, alcoholism, drug abuse, stress, depression, anxiety, medications like antidepressants, mood-stabilizer, tranquilizer, antihistamines, contraceptive pills, hypertension medications, chemotherapy drugs etc, physical disorders like diabetes, anemia, hypertension, arthritis, infertility, coronary arterial disorder, neurological disorder, cancer etc.

Sex drive in woman can be increased through several means. We will take a look at those one by one:

1. Behavioral therapy and couple's counseling can solve strife, conflicts and disharmony between couples, make them more desirable to each other and do away with their communication problems. This will certainly have a positive impact on their libido and life.

2. Psychotherapy is also useful in this direction for it gives an outlet to a woman's mental trauma; an outlet to the long locked up sense of guilt or shame arising from past history of sexual abuse.

3. In other words, psychotherapy would erase from her mind the ugly picture of sex and present her with a pleasant picture that would boost her sex drive and would make her sexually more responsive.

4. Viewing an erotic movie with partner or alone or reading an erotic book can increase sex drive in woman.

5. Talking to partner about new lovemaking techniques and trying them out can enhance female libido.

6.Exercising is very useful for it improves blood circulation in the reproductive organs and heightens libido. It also helps the woman to hold an attractive figure and improves her self esteem.

7.Practicing stress relief methods like yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and aromatherapy and spa therapy can give a fillip to your waning libido.

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