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Encounter with Harsha

As a part of National Broadcasting Agency, I have a great responsibility in the spectrum of socio-economic, cultural diversity. While at AIR we use a static strategy. Sport Broadcasting has been one of the greatest aspects in contribution of AIR’s popularity. Especially during the T20 series our broadcast has the most frequency listeners. This coverage’s has been focusing major on the empanelled commentators who follow the rule of disciplines. I was proud to be among them. 

It’s been my dream to interview him and finally the day has arrived. It’s been more than a year now that I have been working in All India Radio station as a Radio Jockey and now I have my own morning and evening slot show. Though, I have a promising career and it has been quite an achievement for me. The inspiration of becoming voice of radio came when I was young from none other than Harsha himself. Yes, Harsha Bhogle has always been my inspiration he started his career as a radio commentator before becoming the face of Indian cricket. Today Harsha is the name that travels worldwide and is known as the best commentator in cricket. He has certainly made the country proud with his voice and spot on commentary. Though, I have been a regular follower of Harsha Bhogle blogs on cricket and other social handles, read Harsha Bhogle Books and even other interviews about him. 
Still I wanted to be fully prepared with my questionnaire and only a good question set would build up far reaching results. I collected a brief regarding every other aspect about Harsha. I evaluated the questions before hand and investigated it. Did brainstorming with my team and we built a strategy. I knew he is very sharp and witty with his words, could give me a tough rapid fire. I wanted to orchestrate as soon as possible and give him a rapid grill. The only thing I knew was that, today is the only thing I have and I will shape it well to create a masterpiece! To know Harsha is a challenge and I was ready to face it. There enters Harsha, seeing him at the far end I felt numb. It was an overwhelming moment that the face of Indian cricket, was standing in-front of me and now that we have to begin with our introduction, he was yet so warm from his smile. I quickly gathered up the courage and welcomed him. 

Down the line, upon actually meeting him, I felt that he was quite humble and honest with most of his opinions. The interview began and I had a wider vision in cricket after questioning him. Harsha has certainly become an opinion leader for me after estimating his views. It was indeed the most memorable moment in my life. I still remember his words; ‘To be a commentator, you must have a life outside cricket, too. If cricket is all that you know, then you would not be a great commentator.’ After the interview, my bosses were very happy because the slot had received maximum TRPS. 


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