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Emerging Digital Media Marketing Trends that are here to Stay

The scope of digital media marketing has improved dramatically in the past year with improvement in several related technologies and consumers becoming more savvy with gadgets and social media. For marketers it has become quite challenging to keep up with changing scenarios and trends that is having a direct effect on promotional strategies. Here are a few of the important emerging digital media marketing trends that show a lot of promise and they seem like they are here to stay for a long time.




Youtility is a new phrase coined by Jay Baer, and the book by the same name has created waves in the marketing world. To encapsulate this potent word is quite difficult but the main meaning it seeks to convey is a marketing approach that is concerned with helping rather than selling. Companies are realizing that hype may create a spike in sales for a small duration, but for sustaining a customer base in highly competitive market, it is necessary to create Youtility.


In digital media marketing, customer service is of paramount importance, but this concept has to seen in a more pervasive light, where the company seeks to help the customer right at the beginning by providing most useful information to what the customer might be seeking. This would also imply that interaction and two-way dialogues would become mandatory in sales campaigns. Youtility will also have an impact on social listening, which up to now has been passive and limited to knee jerk reactions for protecting the brand and providing customer service. Setting of the new trend will bring in more product innovation, and actions of the company are likely to become more proactive.   


Marketing in Real Time


Real time marketing is already a hyped concept, but in 2014, more companies will be paying more attention to data analytics with the intention of shifting marketing messaging, nearer to real time as much as possible. This type of marketing will be more agile and will grab prospects in the moment. More companies will start approaching real time marketing as a process rather than a specific project. Operations of real time marketing will not be based on any advertising campaign, but rather as a newsroom dispensing relevant information of the moment to targeted customers. The content will be current and relevant to the brand, but not necessarily trying to capitalize on a trending story.


Empowering rather than Mandating


Creating a social trend by mandating customers or employers to comply with a loyalty program may no longer work. Fans and employees can feel stifled under rewards programs and may not be inclined to share stories or the content they post may not be up to the mark. Strategies for generating likes and sharing on social media will have to be based on empowering customers and employees with simple tools that make it easy and fun to share content.


These three emerging trends are going to have a direct impact on digital media marketing in 2014. Companies will have to focus on social listening, product innovation, and empowering brand advocates


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