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Dream of a Social Quack pack!

       It’s quite rare in a normal day of Zuckerberg’s life that, in middle of work he gets drowsy. One such incident changed many things. National Library had kept an inauguration ceremony for Mark’s new book title “content marketing strategy”. Mark’s level of excitement was worth watching, while before the ceremony actually begins he decided to take a tour of New York largest library. Passing through a kids section he slowly began to moves his fingers down few old books kept in the shelves and suddenly a book felt down with unexpected jerk. On picking it up Mark found that this book was the old Duck tale which he used to read during his school days.  He opened the first page and started reading it while suddenly and with a magical zap he landed up inside the fiction. 

        Mark was shocked and didn’t know what was actually going on. Walking down the path he found all cartoon character alive in front of his eyes. Walking in the middle of wall - street, he dashed with the most vicious Uncle Scoorge McDuck! You’re ... Oh boy, this is not real. Mark was astonished to see Scrooge. Though, Scoorge was not as nasty and greedy as he thought. In toon world Scoorge also runs business on large scale and wanted to promote his new company but he needed some new strategies for business development. Mark is the owner of Facebook and with his help Scoorge wanted to promote and establish his business in entire Duck Burg. With the help of Magica De Spell, Scrooge had called him from the human world. All Scrooge wanted was to teach lesson to the Beagle Boys, who always try and steal his money. Zuckerberg agree to have a merger with the McDuck Industry and he launched a social media domain host. Social media marketing was based on proper planned analysis with his findings he established an online ad agency with a seo firm and social media marketing agency for McDuck groups, Mark has left no stone unturned. Starting from its traffic generation and engaging audience with different strategies. But having an internet media campaign was never easy. Though he executed everything well.  Internet marketing agency is widely popular in the human world. Soon the Toon world was full of Zuckerberg’s and Scrooge tech savvy ideologies. They were about to launch a new subsidiary for ignitee. 

        Just than the librarian came and woke Zuckerberg up. Zapping out from his sound sleep, he realized that the mystical land memories have faded. All Mark remembers was his new strategy in social media campaign. Today he has executes most of them. “Face Book CEO Zuckerberg gains the title as ‘Greenbacks’ and is now been associated to ‘Scrooge McDuck’ - The billionaire toon Scrooge McDuck who swims through gold coin piled inside his Duck burg money bank.” Newspapers are flooded all over with this quote. You must be wondering how I know so much about this incident. Nothing special about me I’m just an old library Bookworm.


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