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Do You Know How to Select the Right Tobacco Blend?

Many smokers have heard of various brands of pipe tobacco. Like you, they may have even tried a few. But have learned how to pick the best tobacco for your pipe? Are you smoking what's right for you?

As a smoker, you're on a journey. You'll try out more than a few varieties of tobacco throughout your life. Some of the ones you know to be similar will not even present the same flavor profile. By changing the proportions around a bit, manufacturers have come up with exciting new mixes that some palates would enjoy more than others.

At other times, they create these new profiles through the addition of some unique constituents. A typical example is Burley tobacco blends. A new smoker who tries several mixtures would want to agree that he won't enjoy any Burleys. Such a mindset is familiar to us at Smoker's Outlet. We know the smoker would change their mind sooner than later. These Burley blends that incorporate some Virginia crop go a long way to force a rethink in such strong notions about Burley.

It’s often not enough to try pipe tobaccos one time. You need to be objective while trying out new tobacco blends. One sample is never enough to say a tobacco blend is good or bad. At least two tries are okay, more even. Note that your goodness or badness mostly applies to you.

However, your first impression is a good yardstick for your final decision. The only thing is for you to ensure that it’s not the only factor in the equation. Many factors determine how any blend tastes to every smoker. Sometimes, you need some time to become familiar with how a blend taste. It’s similar to what happens when you try new food in a foreign country.

So, when we advise smokers on trying out new tobacco at Smoker's Outlet, we want them to try and understand the uniqueness of each blend. Then, we tell them to give it time before deciding on the blend. After all, timing is everything.

This attitude is essential because, as tobacconists, we stock a wide range of the best pipe tobacco. This policy is in line with our commitment to the smoking subculture. The best part is our prices are great.

Take, for instance, OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Natural, a good pipe tobacco blend by any standards. It is tobacco that defines how every smoker should enjoy pipe tobacco. The sultry, dark, and earthy tones are just too good to pass up. Yet the aroma is powerful and strong even though it’s natural.

With time, you'll find your smoking experience longing for this majestic tobacco blend. It's humidified exceptionally, and the medium cut eliminates shake and stems that hamper a good smoke. If a tobacco covers this much bases, wouldn't you make yourself partake in the action?

While our tastes pick up more subtle notes as we grow in pipe smoking, our palates improve in discerning the more delicate flavors that we once didn't notice. It makes it easier to enjoy tobaccos without any flavor additives. The Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Natural is one such tobacco.

First, Golden Harvest Yellow leaves no aftertaste behind. It's really a full-bodied blend that offers the smoothest and most fulfilling smoke you may ever experience. It's non-aromatic and is great for anyone who's working on improving their smoking game.

Smoker's Outlet isn’t merely about tobacco. When you visit our website today, you’ll discover impressive smoking accessories such as pipes, pipe tools, Golden Harvest Tubes 200 ct. Blue King and Golden Harvest Tubes 200ct. Red 100mm. We’re expecting you.

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OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Natural

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