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Digital Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2014

Digital marketing strategies will be taking a new turn in 2014. There are many digital marketing professionals who are literally biting their nails and frantically trying to gauge what the future holds. Sure, sometimes things like frantic link-building tactics, compulsive metric checking, and strategizing may throw you, but with a proper insight on industry trends, you can ace your digital marketing strategies. Here are some digital marketing trends for 2014 that will put things in perspective for marketing professionals everywhere.

1. Mobile is the future of everything, so it is absolutely essential that all emails and websites are compatible for mobiles and Smartphones. Over the last 6 month, the rate of emails being opened on mobile devices like tablet and Smartphones has increased to 80%.

2.  Blogs are now the most trusted in the nation and have won over the interest of the public. No longer do bloggers have to be viewed as wannabe journalists  because as statistics show, when deciding on a purchase over 63% of readers are more likely to be influenced by blogs rather than magazines.   

3.  When videos are used on landing pages of websites, it can increase conversions by 86%.  On social media videos get 267% more likes than regular textual posts.  The future seems to be bright for video and micro-video content.

4.  Video will beat blogs simply because people like to ‘see’ more than they like to ‘read’. Only 20% of people will read text, whereas 80% of them will watch a video about the exact same textual content.

5.  In 2012, online shopping spending beat out physical store spends. In 2014, there will be a new curve that points to video on shopping websites. Online shoppers are 144% more likely to purchase a product if they have watched a video, as opposed to a shopper who did not.

6.  While selecting and making purchases of online products, 67% of consumers stated that convincing factor was the quality of the product image.  So now is the time invest in great product photography.

7.  Those who interact with email marketing campaigns tend to purchase 28% more often than those who do not. In most cases, their orders are larger by 44%. 

8.  2000 words is the average content length for web pages that rank in the top 10 results for any keywords.

9.  Mobile devices are used as primary access points for social networks in many countries. Almost 1/5 of all web traffic consists of mobile traffic. 

10. If a user is on a mobile device like a tablet or Smartphone, they are 66% more likely to retweet, 3 times more likely to share Pinterest pins,  and 39% more likely to engage on Facebook. 

11.  in 2014, social media will be explored by 67% of B2B marketers. 

12.  SEO will be recognised as an unsung hero by several companies, that furthers success and longevity.  Out of 10 organisations, 6 will increase SEO spending in 2014. 

13.  Here are 3 Pinterest facts to take over in 2014:

·         80% of Pinterest users are women

·         50% of users are parents

·         80% of pins are repins

14.  When it comes to content distribution, LinkedIn is at the top of the list.  LinkedIn is used to distribute content by 83% of B2B marketers. 

15.  Content marketing was said to have increased their brand awareness according to 70% of marketers.  


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