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Choosing the right Home Tutors in Bangalore


Home tutoring is turning out to be the first line choice of most of the parents and students. Since the inception of the private tutoring in India, which is not more than a decade, the industry has grown enormously. At the present time, with the curriculums are becoming complex day-by-day, home tutors are inevitable. A home tutor is otherwise called, in home tutor is the one who visits child`s place to deliver the lectures. Innoclazz Academy has proven its pride in choosing the best home tutors with the sound know-how of a particular subject coupled with ability to train the child in a way the child demands. There is a huge difference between what a home tutor delivers when compared to the traditional classroom`s or tutorial`s education.  In a group coaching, there are varying numbers of learners where there is no targeted delivery of the content .But, a home tutor delivers his duties at the convenience of and comforts of the pupil. We chose the tutors who have a sound knowledge, highly experienced and most importantly the right-fit with his specialization matches the student`s requirement. Private tuitions offer focused attention aiming to improve not only the grades but the confidence levels, interest in learning, and the overall abilities of students in the perception and understanding of the curriculum. Majority of the tutors engage the student at least 1 hour a day excluding weekends; however, it is the mutual agreement between the teacher and the learner.  Some of the major boards that home tutors in Bangalore deals are CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, IGCSE, IB and state boards. Unlike many other service providers who doesn’t involve in scheduling ad follow-up of the tutors r`s regularity, innoclazz takes care of everything till the last session of tutoring.


Roles of private tutors

With a tremendous pressure on the students, most of the conventional teaching methodologies tend to fail mainly because there is a least chance for individual attention. Home tutors in Bangalore are the good choice because of several reasons. In the current scenario it is becoming a challenging job for many working parents to sit beside and help their kids doing homework and other tasks. Home tuition offer the great choice to balance such problems as they enhances confidence, strengthens subject comprehension along with the provision of surplus knowledge in a one-to-one basis. Some of the ways our tutors can help the child are:

  1. A student can receive proper individualized attention due to one-one interaction between our tutors and child and this is not possible in a classroom setting.
  2. There is no fear or being far away from the home setting as the teacher visits the student`s place on a daily basis. There is absolutely no school or classroom phobia.


  1. It is the best time to openly discuss any sort of doubts with a private tutor at home and of course this is also not possible in the conventional teaching setups.


  1. Home tutors are highly flexible and your child can stay ahead of the syllabus followed in the class which will not only boost the confidence and morale but it makes students comfortable.
  2. There is high chance of activity based learning as home tutors customize the learning package through various illustrations, exercise, and activities in a way that is  fun, easy , and interesting.
  3. Opting for an innoclazz home tuition gives an opportunity to chose from the network of 10,000 Home tutors in Bangalore.
  4. At home, the study pattern is built around your child's specific needs. In coaching center, there are other children as well. So the attention gets split up.
  5. You can constantly monitor the child`s activities and performance  which may not be possible by traditional methods.
  6. Home tutors provide additional classes as the internal exams and finals are nearing and this may not be the case in group teaching.
  7. There is no chance for distraction by the mates and peers as seen in the school setups. And this helps to focus better on learning.
  8. You may not only chose the tutor for specific subjects like science and Maths, but home tutors are the best choice for learning a new language, learning spoken English, improving handwriting, improving reading ability, learning music and instruments.
  9. This type of teaching learning   improves behavioral and social skills helping the child to take decisions pertaining learning.
  10. Most of the teachers understand the child's learning style and adapt themselves accordingly and this can in turn improves the academic performance.
  11. Private tuition entertains goal-directed, self-inclined and accurately paced learning thus allowing the learner to pro-actively participate in his or her school work.


Role of innoclazz in choosing the best Home Tutors near you     

Depending upon the location and subjects you require home tutors, you can search Home Tutors in Bangalore by going to the search tutor option available or you may contact us through the contact details provided in our home page. You may also request demo class by going to the book demo class option so that we receive your request at the earliest. One of our executive will come in touch with you to further take the process. Once you submitted the requests we will screen the entire list of tutors to find a right fir for the students. You have a choice to book a tutor on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings and reviews. At the same time, we will have a brief interview through our online portal to make sure the teacher is apt and interested to take up the assignment. We make every effort to retain the same teacher till the end of the tutoring however it depends on the parents also.


Parent`s responsibilities

  1. It is advisable to attend the first session or demo session to see whether he or she seems to be promising and company can only advise but we cannot chose the tutor ; therefore, it is left to the parents and the child. We are here to help in case if the tutor or child facing some specific issues.
  2. You may talk to the tutor casually on the first visit to check his qualifications, experience, skills and abilities to teach the kid.
  3. Never let the child and tutor to handle all the issues, it is better to interfere occasionally to see if everything is right.
  4. Please check how proficient the teacher is with multiple teaching styles and his her technical abilities to execute the lectures. We may partly assist in providing study material however, it is optional.
  5. Please track the attendance by duly filling the number of hours taken by the tutor and innoclazz provides a standardized tracking set to keep a check on the number of classes.





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