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Choose the dog crates or kennels carefully

You may need dog kennels to transport your dog from one place to another or dog crates to make it a bedroom for your dog. There are some factors that are to be considered before you choose the right one. Choosing the right size is of course the most important of all. Measuring your dog will be quite practical, because the kennel or the crate should accommodate it. You may need to train your dog to stay inside a crate. You will be facing difficulty to train if it does not feel comfortable in the space.


Dog kennels that are too small can make your pet feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the kennel is too big, the dog may feel unsafe. This is especially true for a small dog. The dog should be measured properly (from the nose to the base of its tail) when the dog is standing on a flat base. Also, measure its height while it is standing as well as sitting and add 2 to 4 inches to both the measurements to specify the size of the dog crates. If you have a puppy, you should buy a kennel that comfortably accommodate the adult dog of your dog breed. When the puppy is too small you can use a divider to temporarily reduce the space.


Dog kennels are quite often bought for using them as play place. Ideally, it should be a safe, enclosed place and it can be adjusted quite easily. The advantage of such enclosures is you can always adjust its perimeter depending on your available space. Such dog kennels can be both indoor and outdoor ones and choose one depending on your purpose. Indoor ones are for restricting the movement of your pets and outdoor ones for creating play areas in your yard.


Dog crates for smaller dogs are available that measure between 24 to 30 inches. While purchasing the dog crates you should measure it physically. If you are buying online, then you should check the measurements mentioned in its specification. The measurement can differ from one manufacturer to other. You should also see if these small crates accommodate the weight of your dog. These are ideal for dogs weighing less than 35 to 40 pounds. If you have a Maltese, Poodle or Jack Russell terrier, you can always buy a small crate. For medium-size dogs, a dog kennel should be at least 36 inches long.


Such medium sized dog kennels should accommodate dogs weighing in the range of 40-70-pounds. American Eskimo, Bulldogs or Cocker Spaniels can be easily kept in these kennels. There are larger dog crates for breeds like Border Collie, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever or Labrador that can weigh up to 90 pounds. For them the kennel should be at least 40-42 inches long. You can also shop for kennels and crates when you have more than one dog to be housed. They come with temporary or permanent dividers and can have more than one entry gates. Commercial kennels can also be purchased online from a shop that stocks crates and kennels of different sizes, materials and designs.


Wooden dog kennels and dog crates look elegant and are extremely functional.

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