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Causes behind GERD and Possible Treatment Options

GERD is the acronym of Gastro Esophagus Reflux Disease which is commonly known as acid reflux. GERD can be complicated in some cases, especially when it has been experienced quite frequently by many people. Some of the causes facing this problem on frequent basis shall be analyzed in the following section of this article. A lot of people want to know what is GERD? How it happens? What could be its consequences? All these questions are critical as well as crucial. To know the answers, you should check following section of this article.

Causes or Reasons for GERD

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease has been caused by many factors. Different people suffer from it, but reasons for the suffering could be different. Even though symptoms are common or identical, reasons behind the disorder are different. Not just different, they can be extremely difficult to understand or assess. Digestive disorder is mainly the reason behind GERD. When presence of gastric acid becomes abruptly high inside stomach, we tend to suffer from GERD or acid reflux. When density of gastric acid increases inside stomach? Well, it happens in many occasions.

Common Reasons behind GERD

Reasons behind GERD are divided into two categories in this article for better understanding. At first, we shall discuss the common reasons behind acid influx. Here are those common reasons for you.

  • Consuming rich spiced foods is a prominent reason behind acid reflux. Rich spices cause indigestion and that can possibly lead to acid reflux.
  • Similar thing can be said when you consume oily foods. Oily foods can be difficult to be consumed and thus they should be avoided if there is fear of acid reflux.
  • Drinking citrus juice has been found to be a triggering reason behind acid reflux.
  • Cheese can be also trigger acid reflux and thus one should avoid cheesy foods to avoid acid reflux issues.

Unusual Reasons behind Acid Reflux

There are some unusual reasons too and for those reasons acid reflux can strike. For example, here are some possibilities for you in the following section.

  • Tumor in esophageal tube is a common reason behind heartburn.
  • Stomach ulcer can also lead to acid reflux and heartburn problems.
  • Digestive problem due to liver dysfunction or other reasons can also be held as responsible for heartburn.
  • Heartburn can take place when certain drug has been provided as medication to a person. Side-effect of the drug is a reason behind heartburn.


Treatment for Heartburn

Along with knowing the reasons behind heartburn, it is also important to know the treatments for heartburn. Soda water can bring the much needed acid reflux relief. One can also prepared soda water solution at home by mixing baking soda with water. Apart from the home based remedies, there are a lot of over the counter medicines which can potentially cause heartburn. To deal with acid reflux, it is important to consume such medicines, as they tend to bring the faster relief for the patients. If heartburn leads to severe or even mild chest paining, a doctor should be consulted at the earliest.

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