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Budget Travel Ideas for Solo Travelers

Yes, group travel is cheaper than solo traveler, but that is not the only factor that may convince a hard core solo traveler to start traveling in groups. That is why; it becomes important for the solo wanderers to maintain their budget. If you are someone who cannot keep your expenses in check, you must adapt these habits so that you can keep traveling around the world without worrying too much about money.

Single-person accommodation

Whenever you try to book a hotel room online, the website asks you to mention the number of persons who will be staying in the room. Almost all hotels offer single-occupancy rooms, which are cheaper than a double bed room. And if the single-occupancy option is not available, you can call the hotel and tell them that you are the only one who intends to stay in the room, and they can give halve the price or at least give you some discount. If you don’t mind staying in a hostel dorm, nothing like it. The hostel beds are always cheaper than the hotel rooms. Moreover, if you are not visiting a place during the peak season, you don’t even need to book your accommodation in advance. You can simply show up at the hotel that you may find online, and tell them that you are looking for a room. They would show you the available rooms and you can pay one the spot if it fits your budget. However, if you find it difficult to decide instantly about the hotel price, you can book the room in advance.


Solo travelers can save a lot on transportation, especially on the flight tickets for long distance. When you have to cover only a few kilometers, you can take a bus, train, cab, or a Car Rental in Goa, for example. Public transport is always cheaper than a cab or a Car Rental when you are traveling solo. For group travels, it is always better to hire a car with or without a driver and split the costs. However, when you have to cover a few hundreds or thousands of kilometers, you must always fly from point A to point B because a road trip in that case would cost a lot for an individual.

Food budget

You must have a budget for the food that you are going to eat every day. It is better to buy food from the restaurants that are away from the tourist places because restaurants at famous places low quality food at high prices. You can also buy fresh fruits and cut them at your convenience. If you stay at a place with a kitchen, you can cook your own meals as well, which will save you a lot of money along with having healthy food.

Staying on budget as a solo traveler is not difficult at all because you don’t have to depend or convince someone to adjust with you. You can simply decide your style of traveling, establish your rules, and obey or break them at your convenience.




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