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Boost Your Business with Classy and Sophisticated Textured Linen Business Cards

Get your business cards to look like a million bucks without spending a fortune on them. If you ask how then the answer is textured linen business cards. They are thick, durable and carry a unique cloth feel. They are extremely satisfying to touch, and the sophisticated look will automatically stand out. Order linen business cards from a trustworthy printing service with 24 hours delivery option. Get full-color print production using the world’s highest quality Heidelberg offset printing technology. Your textured linen business cards will carry flawless and consistent colors replicated with an impressive 99.8% accuracy rate.

Benefits of Textured Linen Business Cards

When you hand over a business card to a client, you want to make a good impression of the quality of your product. A classy business card exudes confidence and credibility, and it can take your business a long way. Your customer probably has an extensive collection of business cards at his disposal. But you want him to pick yours when he needs a service that you offer. If you’re wondering how the key is to make your business card stand out from the rest. Order linen business cards that are unique and uncommon without breaking the bank. The rich and luxurious texture will also generate a feeling of a sense of trust and respect in the customer. It will truly establish your business as legitimate, serious and respectable.

Tips for Designing Linen Business Cards

These classic textured business cards are printed on a white linena white linen surface that provides a cross-hatch woven texture giving them a slightly textured look and feel. Here are some ways you can improve the design of linen business cards.

Keep it simple

Most clients look for something simple and subtle. You don’t want something that screams for attention but something that softly whispers class and simplicity. You don’t want some gaudy graphics that are flashy and show off how much money you have spent. Linen Business cards are perfect because they are understated and subtle, white but beautifully textured to perfection.


Font selection

Font selection is an important part of designing a business card. If your business already has a logo, selecting the same font as the logo is a good idea. If not, play with different fonts and font sizes until you arrive at the one the suits the whole design best. It should be easy to read. You don’t want someone to ask what a word interprets because the font is too whimsical and complicated.

Choose the right card size

There are a variety of different business card sizes to choose from with 3.5” x 2” being the standard size. You can order anywhere between 100 to 5000 business cards at a time to suit your requirements.

Information on the business card

Include all the important information on the front of the card and leave the back completely blank. Add your name, job title, company name, company logo and all relevant contact information on the card. If the business is active on social media, you can add this information on the back. Add a high-resolution version of the company logo on the card instead of pasting a scanned image.


Order Linen Business Cards from a high-quality printing service and impress your clients with classy Textured Linen Business Cards .


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