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Boost online engagement with carousel based app push notification

Customer engagement has been one of the most intriguing subjects in contemporary marketing strategies. Customers have become much more aware of the product they are purchasing, and are more knowledgable about the brand they are buying it than ever before. Hence, it is now imperative to understand their need and provide them with a customized solution to satisfy them. 


However, along with the need for a customized solution, the customers have become more choosy about the experience when they are associating with you. Hence, it is important that the solution must come associated with a user experience that the customers would enjoy and convert faster. 


However, since the basis of providing a better experience begins with effective communication, your marketing messages must be aligned with the expectations of your customers. Subsequently, the choice of the marketing channel becomes crucial in this aspect as your customers spread across multiple devices and channels.


Irrespective of the choice of the device, push notification is a channel that has the potential to engage your users through relevant communications. Depending upon the device type and user activity, you can choose to send either an app notification, in-app notification or browser notification to your audience. 


Since push notifications are an effective way of engaging users, it helps you improve your click-through rates and conversion rates. However, before you jump on the ship and start shooting off notifications to all of your users, you must understand the challenges that this high performing channel has. Unless you know them, finding a solution to optimize your notification campaigns would be much tougher than you can expect.


Factors affecting the efficiency of push notifications


There are several factors affecting the performance of the notifications. The primary among them is the information explosion that your customers might have to deal with. As your customer would have multiple apps installed on their phones, or could have consented to receive notifications from several websites, sending too many notifications would brand fatigue among them. Eventually, they might either uninstall the app or unsubscribe from the website, or simply ignore them.


There are other factors too that deprives you of the engagement generated from the notifications. The attention span towards your notification might be a constraint, which happens due to too much competition between other notifications or due to too many reach-outs. Although you might be sending push notifications with the right content, these factors might lead to lesser engagement and conversions.


The key to overcoming these issues is to make your notification more engaging by understanding user behavior and their interests. Once you know what your customers want you can send notifications about the products that have a higher propensity of getting sold. You can also start sending notifications about products in a similar or associated segment to up-sell or cross-sell your products. 


Another crucial parameter you might look to optimize here is the quality of the content used in the notifications. You can include deep-links, rich graphics formats, and provide customized and targeted CTAs to bring people to your app or website. Additionally, the transition of the notification from a static version to dynamic notifications has made them quite appealing to the customers.


The performance of your notifications is determined by the impressive content, timing, and relevance of the product you are displaying. However, brand fatigue and frequent notification have a negative impact on the overall performance of your marketing communication through push notifications.


The way forward - Carousel Notifications


You must be wondering about how to solve the issues related to frequent notifications and brand fatigue, without compromising on the number of the products to be recommended. Before getting to that, let’s find out what should be the ideal conditions for sending push notifications to your users.


Firstly, your notifications must be according to the users’ interest and relevant to what they want. Moreover, it should be efficient enough to include recommendations from similar or associated categories to up-sell or cross-sell more products with lesser frequency. The notifications must be scalable enough to cover all of your intended user’s database and convey the message less intrusively. Finally, you would want the process or the setup to be easy and manageable so that you can launch and manage campaigns faster.


You can perform all of these functions with ease if you use the feature known as Carousel Notifications. These types of notifications allow you to bundle multiple products in a single scrollable notification so that users can check out multiple products, including recommendations under a single notification.


Moreover, these notifications include the products according to each user’s search preferences, buying patterns and purchase history, therefore making them high-intent and engaging. Deep-links and customized CTAs also help you to improve the user experience by faster redirects to product pages, thereby improving the conversion rates.


Carousel notifications work on the principles of machine learning smart algorithms in the backend. Therefore it analyzes the pattern that relates to users’ online behavior and their interests and helps you to accomplish multiple tasks. These are:


  1. Personalization of content for maximum impact

  2. Inclusion of multiple products in a single notification to avoid cluttering the notification area or reduce the frequency of sending notifications

  3. Multiple view options with recommended products displayed across scrollable notifications

  4. Customizable designs to create efficient campaigns faster and optimizing the ROI.


Since all these features add to better user attribution, they improve the performance for the notifications. Moreover, it makes cross-selling and up-selling easier, thereby increasing your bucket size for products. Finally, curated notifications with customized fields for including rich graphics, textual content and deep-linked CTAs make the notifications more appealing to your customers.


Ending Notes


Push notifications can be used to improve your conversion rates and eventually your marketing ROI is used in a proper manner. Customized notifications with a personalized approach help you to improve the efficiency of the notifications you send. For more details on push notifications or Omni Channel Marketing platform, please visit us at



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