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Best Video Production Agencie in Lausanne

Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland–Smart Cuts Video & Animation working closely with Swiss watchmakers to fight downturn in exports.
The Video production in Lausanne and animation production company Smart Cuts is currently producing a series of promotional videos for the watchmaking industry in Switzerland. A downturn in exports this year needs to be tackled, and the industry is investing to turn this trend around. Smart Cuts’ Director, Lucas Chambers, is confident that video must be part of the answer:
“These companies know that visibility is crucial at times like these. Consumers need to be reminded that Swiss watches are a cut above and doing that with great quality videos on social media is one of the best ways to go.”
Broadcasting on television is also part of the plan, and big brands like Zenith, Omega, Swatch and Longines have approached CNN Money for the purpose. These corporate videos are being produced for CNN by Smart Cuts Video and Animation to highlight the history and quality of Swiss watchmaking.
Swiss watchmakers are looking at exports of only 20 million watches this year. That’s over 3 million less than iin 2018. Part of this result owes to the fact that Swiss watchmakers are focusing more and more quality, rather than on quantity. This, and the fact that, as Nick Hayak, head of Swatch points out, it is now possible to make more with less, suggests the industry may not be in as much trouble as it seems. Some observers are worried, however, and efforts are being made to revitalize sales abroad.
Video marketing has to be part of the solution says Smart Cuts Video & Animation Director Lucas Chambers: “Big Swiss watchmaking brands like Swatch and Rolex have the means to hit hard on screen. And on screen is where the action is these days. Whether on TV or online, it’s important to speak to people with video: clear, concise and punchy videos that remind people you’re still in the game, and that give them the desire to get involved and buy.”
To meet demand for video production in the watchmaking sector, Production de vidéo à Lausanne & Animation has hired staff and created a special team focused on corporate video production for this sector. “This is an opportunity for us to stand out in video production, but also in Creative agency in Lausanne, aimed at the watchmaking sector,” says Chambers. “It’s important to seize this opportunity and show what we can do, not only for our own benefit, but for that of the whole watchmaking sector in Switzerland.”
If you wish more information on this topic, please contact Lucas Chambers, Director of Smart Cuts Video & Animation at

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