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Best Top 10 Romantic Hollywood Movies

Romantic movies are everyone's favorite. Whenever we watch romantic movies , they fill us with a good feeling. Here we will list down some of the finest and best romantic movies of Hollywood that you can watch out with your partner and let them know how much they mean to you.
1) The Notebook
Often cited as one of the finest Hollywood romantic movie. It is not our usual love our story.  
​​In the movie an old man reads a story for an old woman in nursing home. The story he reads is the movie all about. The story that old man reads has 2 young lovers named Noah played by Ryan Gosling and Allie Hamilton which was played by Rachel McAdams.
Both of the young lovers are separated by Allie's parents, they disapprove Noah because he is not rich. To know more about the movie you should give it a watch.
2) Titanic 
I don't think there is anyone who has not heard about this movie. It is one of the highest grossing romantic movie of all time. The sizzling chemistry of Leonardo Dicaprio was loved by fans. Movie has all the emotions in the right quantity which helped the movie in becoming the most loved movie of Hollywood.
3) Love Actually :
It is a romantic comedy film written and directed by
Richard Curtis . The movie is a story about 8 different people. It shows different aspects of love through different stories, as the story progresses many of the stories shown to be connected to each other. The movie is a perfect blend of emotions. You should give it a watch and you will definitely relate to it.
4) Pretty Woman :
Would you ever think that a love story between a prostitute and a businessman could bloom like this?
Edward is a rich entrepreneur who hires Vivian, a prostitute, to accompany him at some social events. Trouble starts when Edward falls in love with that prostitute. The story is a romantic one and it makes you feel the love. To feel it you need to watch it.
5) No Strings Attached:
The movie stars Natalie Portman as
Emma and Ashton Kutcher as Adam.
Adam is dumped and he's looking for a casual hook-up. He meets his school friend Emma who agrees to maintain a physical relationship with Adam. But the real story follows after when they fall in love. The movie is fun to watch.
6) 50 First Dates:
The movie stars Adam Sandler as Henry Roth and Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore.
Henry Roth is a veterinarian, he falls in love with Lucy, who is suffering from short-term memory loss. Lucy does not remember meeting him, so Henry tries to woo Lucy afresh each day and hopes that she'll also love him. I think this is enough to get you excited for the movie. It is a great movie to watch out.
7) La La Land:
The movie features Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian. Their chemistry on-screen looks amazing.
Sebastian who is a pianist in the film and Mia is an actress. Both of them follow their passion & eventually achieve success in their respective fields. But that success becomes a problem for both of them. They find themselves torn between their love and their careers.
The movie is a winner of several awards. It is a must watch film for all the fans of romantic movies.
8) The Holiday :
Two girls, who arefrom different countries swap their homes for the holidays, just to get away from their relationship issues. However, their lives take a turn and change unexpectedly when they meet and fall in love with the local guys at each other's places. 
It is a nice movie with a good feel in it. You can give it a watch and you won't be disappointed.
9) A Cinderella Story:
After the death of her father, Sam's stepmother and stepsisters continually exploit her. She finds the solace in a friend that she has made online. She decides to meet him at a school dance.
It is a modern Cinderella story, In this movie the couple meets on the internet and falls in love. If you are a fan of romantic movies, you can not miss this one.
10) 500 days of summer :
The movie stars Zooey Deschanel as Summer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Hansen.
It is a tell of two lovers , Tom falls in love with Summer and wants to spend the rest of life with her but the destiny has other plans for him. On one hand he loves Summer , on the other hand Summer does not believe in relationships or boyfriends. The movie is a perfect blend of emotions , It has romance , Heartbreaks and everything that will make you love the movie.
So what are you waiting for ? Go and watch these movies with your beloved one.


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