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Best Foods For Acid Reflux And Bile Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux and bile reflux are two types of reflux diseases that can cause serious problems in your digestive system. They both are different types of reflux diseases with different kinds of characteristics. But if they occur together, they could be really detrimental.

Acid Reflux often refers to as modern lifestyle disorder where your food habit and daily life schedule play a crucial role in developing the disease. If you are too much addicted of fast foods and junk foods or you are to spend most of your nights sleepless being busy in your office work or study, you are in high chance of inducing the disease of hyperacidity.

Your addiction to alcohol and smoking could be other major reasons for developing the disease.

How acid reflux occurs

While you start suffering from hyperacidity, your stomach content gets acidic and starts impacting the elasticity of the gastroesophageal sphincter. It is the valve that exists at the end of the esophagus and on the top of the stomach to prevent stomach content flowing upwards. As a result, the sphincter gets loose and leaves a gap that allows the acidic stomach content the flow upwards through that gap into the esophagus.

The acidic content even may reach up to your throat area resulting regurgitation and burping in your mouth and in worst cases, may cause severe heartburn. If the disease sustains for a substantial period of time, it may cause serious harm to your esophagus tissues.

Remedies for Acid Reflux disease

Since Acid Reflux disease is majorly a lifestyle disorder, therefore, correction of lifestyle is the most important measure in combating the problem.

First, you are to contemplate your food intake. You are to find out the best foods for Acid Reflux disease.  You may have full grains along with a lot of fresh vegetables, fishes, and lean meats. But you should avoid taking fatty milk products. You should also abstain yourself from taking citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, pineapples, et cetera.  Instead, you can take apples, bananas, papayas, etc.

You must completely stay away from all kinds of fast foods, oily, fatty or spicy foods, junk foods chocolates, beverages etc.

Also, alcohol and tobacco are completely prohibited for you. Drink a lot of water, preferably 3 liters per day.  Along with, consume the medicine prescribed by your doctor, you may either be suggested the medicines like H2 blocker or Proton pump inhibitor. A brisk morning walk in the fresh air would be very much beneficial for you.

What is Bile Reflux?

Bile is a digestive liquid which is produced in the liver and mixes with stomach content in duodenum and intestine. It may also start flowing back up words into your stomach resulting you Bile Reflux Syndrome. It may accompany Acid Reflux, but these two are separate conditions.

You may have severe upper abdominal pain along with strong sense of nausea and in many cases vomiting a greenish yellow liquid. These are the most prominent Bile Reflux Symptoms.

Remedies for Bile Reflux

Bile Reflux cannot be cured by mere correction of lifestyle or changing food habits although they have a supporting role in combating the disease. You will have to take medicines regularly as prescribed by your doctor and in some advanced cases; you even may need surgical interventions.

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