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Benefits of Regenerative Blowers

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TITLE: Benefits of Regenerative Blowers

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The use of regenerative air blowers has been able to create a new trend in the field of air handling equipment. It works on the principle of pushing a considerably larger volume of air at lower pressure or vacuum. This is why the industrial air blower can be an effective alternative for vacuum pumps. It works on an entirely different principle from those of vacuum pumps, high pressure regenerative air blower actually regenerate air molecules with non-positive displacement methods for creating vacuum or pressure. Although the technology behind this equipment has not been fully understood, yet when the necessities match with the potentialities of this gadget, it become unparalleled.

This can also be referred to as side channel blowers as well as ring compressors, this name correlate with their physical construction. The term “regenerative” is obtained from the way they operate because these are direct drive design which is opposite to electric motor or gas engine belt drive. The impeller in the monobloc is attached to the electric motor shaft which rotates at a very high speed of about 2900-3500 rpm. Once the impeller start rotating, air would be captured between each blade which it consists of on its circumference, and would be pushed to and fro into the channels. Once the air returns to the base of the blade, there will be a repetition in the process which will enable the device to produce its pressure or vacuum strength.

High pressure regenerative blowers and industrial air blowers  provide a great benefit to the engineers by their mechanism of action. In addition to that, the equipment does not require frequent monitoring as well as maintenance. The only part which move is the impeller which does not make any contact with the housing unit, thus there is no wear in the equipment. The only place where wear can be found in this device is the self-lubricated bearings. Regenerative air blowers are oil less, and do not have any complication inside or outside the valve. Moreover, these blowers can be mounted on any surface to serve a great purpose while it produces less noise.

Most of the blowers fail due to the fact that they were not installed properly or not operated very well. They are very efficient and the tendency of wearing is very low because they have few moving parts. The air blowers also have close tolerance internally, which is devised between the impeller and housing, this is why an external object can be harmful to this equipment. During the process of ingesting debris, the blowers can fail due to the presence of particles wedged between the impeller and housing. So as to overcome this challenge, a filter of thickness of 10 micron should be used always. Another issue which can cause the failure of the gadget is over pressurization. Some blowers have the system of air passing through them so as to remain cool. If this passing does not work as expected, it means that the device can go faulty and the use of a relief valve would be helpful in this situation.

Regenerative air blower is used in many sectors for various advantages. These sectors include vacuum lifting, vacuum packing, sewage aeration, printing presses, pond aeration, spas, dust removal, industrial vacuum system as well as soil vapor removal. These blowers also provide substantial solutions wherever high airflow along with low vacuum is required.


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