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Benefit Auction Specialist

Benefit Auction Specialist

Bravo 3 Benefit Auctions and Consulting Group - Bravo Auctions offers Bravo 3 benefits, Paddle Raise, Live Auction Fundraising Services to Non-Profit Organizations throughout the Midwest.

Premier Fundraising Auction Team

Wisconsin's Premier Fundraising Bravo Benefit Auctions were at the Kohl Center in a effort to raise funds to benefit Garding Against Cancer and the Madison Area Sports Commission through the Bucky on Parade Finale Party Auction.

This signature project started with eighty five fiberglass Bucky Statues. The six foot tall 118 pound  statues were designed and painted by talented local artists. The various themed Bucky Statues were on display throughout Madison over the summer. Thousands of selfies surfaced on social media of badger fans with their favorite themed Bucky. It’s been reported that even a marriage proposal happened by a bucky statue. Benefit Auction Specialist

On September 29th, twenty two of the Bucky statues were sold by live auction on the Kohl Center floor in Madison, Wisconsin. Champion auctioneer Wayne Yoder and Team Bravo were a winning combination for some serious fundraising auction success. The top result went to the 1st and 10 bucky statue that sold for $47,000.

With close to 900 guests sporting badger red, the energy and atmosphere was electric. The bidding was strong, and even more amazing was the support of Badger Fans raising over $1,000,000 to help fund cancer research!  #auctionswork #bravoauctions  #hallmarkofauctions

Auction Company recognized for providing Fundraising Auction Services to Make-A-Wish for over a Decade!  Benefit Auction Specialist

Iowa Chapter Award Honorees

Share the Power of a Wish Award Goes to: Markham/Bravo Auctions

The Share the Power of a Wish Award is reserved for those who go above and beyond for Make-A-Wish Iowa. An auction is one of the the biggest pieces of a fundraiser's success, and we at Make-A-Wish have been so fortunate to count on Markham/Bravo Auction Services for more then a decade. Their commitment to the Dubuque Gala through the years is an amazing example of the power of a wish. Benefit Auction Specialist

In 2007, Jared Wulfekuhle, grandson and nephew to the auction family, wished to go to Walt Disney World. His experience led to his family getting involved in the gala and all of their attendance tonight. Thank You Jim Markham & Markham/Bravo Auction for being part of the Make-A-Wish Iowa family and helping to grant so many wishes to Iowa Children.

Photo: (left)  Jim Markham Founder Markham Auction Services,  (right) Jim's Daughter Jenny Markham- Gehl Founder Bravo Benefit Auctions and Consulting Group.  Make A Wish 2019 Share the Power of a Wish Award Recipient to commemorate over a decade of providing auctioneer services. BRAVO!

So, in my opinion, a good Auctioneer can be worth his/her weight in gold because they can raise your entire year's budget and one single night. Although it is impossible to precisely quantify the number of additional dollars a professional will raise for you, I am totally comfortable suggesting that the total additional dollars raised by a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer can amount to a few hundred dollars more for a very small thousands of dollars for a medium-sized tens-of-thousands of dollars for a large event having a finely tuned fundraising cause and committee. Benefit Auction Specialist

In summary, don't judge the Auctioneer by the fee that they charge, but rather the increased professionalism and revenue stream they bring to your group. If your committee does its job properly, and with the help of an experienced and professional Fundraising Auctioneer, at the end of the night your bidders will be saying "Thank You for letting us spend our money with you. We'll be back next year. With our friends"

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Benefit Auction Specialist


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