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Bed bugs are nasty critters to ruin your comfort

Bed bugs are invincible enemies of your healthy livings because they are small, intrepid and extremely deft at hiding in tiny and diminutive places where you can’t even find them easily. They are often considered as a symbol of filth and crud because they trigger havoc in your home and other residential places. They can invade stores, schools, restaurants and that’s why people have been spending a lot of money to control their epidemic spread across all the United States. Everyone would be pretty known for this story when in summers of 2010, many prominent stores like Victoria’s Secret, Fitch and Hollister were evacuated when they had to kill the bed bugs from their buildings. In a similar incident, Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn was evacuated because of bed bugs’ infestation. These horrendously nasty and notorious critters cannot easily be killed off because they can hide even under your mattresses, in your shoe boxes, under your sheets, behind your curtains, in your electric wires, behind the boards and even find a perfect sanctuary behind your wallpapers.  


To coup with this nightmare, you can rely on some professional hand because they will be equipped with the right tools to undertake such situations. I do have a personal experience and Best bed bugs exterminator in NJ helped me out. You can also try out some chemical and sprays but you need to have precautions before you use this stuff. Some home remedies can also be helpful in this regard . . .


1.       First things first, you have to cover your mattresses and such pregnable places with plastic cover and wash infested clothes with hot water.

2.       Place your beds away from the walls before because walls provide them a huge support to come to your bed. Take care of boxes and other things which are susceptible to bed bugs’ attack.

3.       Diatomaceous earth is an effective powder that can root out bed bugs within a week. All you have to do is spread the powder around the infested place and all the bed bugs will be killed.

4.       Baking Soda and Cayenne pepper are also helpful in this regard. Spread the Soda around the cracks and infested area to achieve productive results. Similarly, cayenne pepper is antimicrobial and its smell works as a strong repellent for bed bugs.

5.       Hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, and stiff brush are considered to be a great help in such situations. You can remove bed bugs and their eggs using any of these techniques.

Additionally, some herbal remedies are also highly recommended to coup with these problems. For instance, bean leaves, mint leaves, tree tea oil, thyme, and the black walnut tree would play the wonders if you use them rightly. 


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