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Bathroom Remodeling: Tips to make the most of it

The remodeling of the bathroom is one of the projects related to the house most feared by all, horror overcome only by the remodeling of the kitchen. Whether it was because he played, because the bathroom aesthetically seemed too 80s or because some pipe exploded and made life bitter for us, the remodeling of the bathroom, especially if we have one, always brings us many problems.

Now, as with everything in life, we can see the issue of the bathroom as an annoyance or as an opportunity to have the bathroom that we deserve. The truth is that to have a spectacular bath, you do not need to spend fortunes as some may think. It does need a good designer or architect and good taste, but it is not necessary to have a bathroom made of marble to make it look fabulous.

A fun art of the process of remodeling the bathroom is to choose the bathroom accessories, which will be what will give personality and allow us to show our personality in the decoration. The bathrooms, unfortunately, can be spaces that due to their functionality, which is very specific, tend to be forgotten in terms of design and decoration. The result is that we ended up having super generic bathrooms, almost identical to each other, that do not tell us anything and are not even a little bit attractive.

On the other hand the bathroom is a place that should be total relaxation, where we spend every day in total solitude. The least we can do is indulge a little and try to make our bathroom look more like the spa of our dreams, so that the moments we spend in the, are the best of the day.

In this book, we will show you some baths that will inspire you and that range from the cheapest to the most expensive. Join us to meet them!

Remodeling of bathrooms

The problem with the bathrooms, is that when they start to lose water, this usually means that you have to break walls, the floor or all of the above. The good thing is that this can be an opportunity to give a new life to the bathroom. It is very fashionable to incorporate wood into this space and if we choose the varieties resistant to water, they look divine and give warmth to a space that is usually quite cold.

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Bathroom coating

Coatings are a vital part of restroom remodeling. The blue marble for this bathroom make us evoke the ocean. This bathroom thanks to its coating leaves the pile from the first glance. You do not necessarily have to spend so much on a coating. Ceramics with geometric motifs, tiles, wood or any coating that is visually powerful serves.

Renovation of bathrooms

Once the bathrooms begin to give problems such as water loss, ceramics that break and moisture, it is best to reform them from head to toe and change the pipes if they are very old and in poor condition. Once what is not seen is ready, we can focus on the interior design and choose the siding, the type of tub, the sinks, etc.

Remodeling bathrooms without spending a fortune

An idea that we love to remodel bathrooms and not break in the attempt, is to use cement to create furniture for the bathroom, such as seats, shelves, dividing walls, etc. It is a very versatile and economic material that looks spectacular and that we can leave in its natural color, saving a lot of money in painting.

Remodeling small bathrooms

If the bathrooms are small, we can spend a little more on floor and wall coverings, as well as on certain parts such as sinks or screens. In small bathrooms, glass partitions are the best, since they do not create limits within the bathroom, they give a feeling that they are wider. The marble sinks, like the one in this bathroom, are not cheap, but they make all the difference.

Mix of styles in the bathroom

If we want to have a very original bathroom, let's opt for an eclectic decoration, which guarantees a unique space in its type. The use of furniture that is useful in the bathroom, but not the usual ones, can make a huge difference. In this bathroom the eclecticism turned out to be a success with details that go from the old furniture of wood, through the coating of floors and walls, the lamp, the shower of the shower and the photographs that adorn the walls.

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Remodeling of rustic style bathrooms

Nothing better in a fifth weekend, than a bathroom that reflects the decoration of the house and its surroundings. The bathroom remodeling contractor Denver to adapt it to a specific style is a project that involves a lot of creativity. In this case, a bathroom divided into areas was created, designed to enjoy the incredible views and using an aesthetic and well-rustic materials.

Remodeling of luxurious bathrooms

If we have a large budget and enough space to create something similar to this image, then get down to work! This bathroom with modern lines and inspired lighting takes its wide proportions to be divided into areas, with separate tub and shower, double sinks and a mixture of ceramic and marble.

Bathrooms with outdoor spaces

In hot land you should not miss the opportunity to have a shower under the sun or the stars. The vegetation also has its place in a semi-covered bathroom and, of course, a decoration that accompanies, such as ceramics with novel motifs and wood.


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