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Ayurvedic Medicines for Piles

Due to food habits and lifestyle breakdown, there are many diseases. One of these diseases is piles. When suffering from haemorrhoids, warts are formed inside or outside the anus. Due to which the veins become inflamed. Sometimes blood also comes out from these warts, due to which you have to face intense pain. Due to this disease, you have to face a lot of problems while getting up, walking, doing your daily life and especially passing stool.


It is not a major or serious disease. If the symptoms are identified and treated right at the initial stage, then it can be relieved in a very short time. But most people ignore this disease in its very beginning, due to which it takes serious form. After taking its severe form, the patient's troubles also increase many times more. This disease can affect any human being. There are many remedies for its treatment, but in this blog of Pristine Care, we are going to tell you about some special Ayurvedic medicines, with the help of which you can get rid of your disease quite easily.


Ayurvedic Medicines for Piles

There are many Ayurvedic medicines to treat Piles, with the help of which one can get rid of this disease. Many people use Ayurvedic medicines or herbs to treat Piles as their side effects are very unlikely. Below we are telling you about some special Ayurvedic medicines and herbs that cure haemorrhoids in a very effective way.


Haemorrhoids are treated with Kankayan Vati

Kankayan Vati is used to treat Piles problem. It is made by mixing ginger, Pippali herbs and Haritaki. Its use is very effective in piles. In case of suffering from haemorrhoids, blood starts to accumulate in the veins around the rectum.


If you have this problem with haemorrhoids, then Kanakayan Vati will be most beneficial for you. By regularly taking this medicine, the effects of blood in the rectum's veins are cured, as well as the pain and swelling caused by haemorrhoids also go away. It works to increase your appetite and relieve constipation problem, which is one of the main causes of haemorrhoids.


Triphala Guggul is the best Ayurvedic medicine for haemorrhoids 

The name of Triphala Guggal is also included in the special Ayurvedic medicines to overcome the problem of haemorrhoids. This medicine is made by mixing herbs like Pippali, Haritaki, Guggal, Vibhutki and Amla. By taking this medicine, the pain and swelling in the rectum and anus due to haemorrhoids are eliminated. At the same time, the probability of infection also decreases. If you are suffering from piles or haemorrhoids and are looking for a good medicine to treat it, then you should use Triphala Google after consulting a doctor. This can reduce your discomfort in a very effective way.


The use of figs is beneficial in haemorrhoids 

The consumption of figs plays a big role in curing all types of piles. If you want to get rid of your haemorrhoids problem, figs should be consumed regularly after filling them in water. Taking figs on regular basis can also eliminate pain, burning and itching problems caused by piles. Not only this, eating figs fix the digestion system and problems related to digestion such as gas in the stomach, not digesting food, not getting time on time etc. are also overcome.


Piles can be cured with the help of Manjishtha 

Manjistha is a very good Ayurvedic medicine which is used to cure a number of serious diseases. This includes cancer, tumours, kidney stones and diarrhoea etc. Manjistha is also used to eliminate piles. In case of suffering from piles, blood clots form which appears as lumps. The use of Manjistha eliminates this problem very quickly. If you are suffering from haemorrhoids and are troubled by its symptoms, then after consulting a doctor, you can use this best Ayurvedic medicine. It is important to use ayurvedic products now more than ever, the market is fueled by chemical-based products and medicines which are obviously not good for health. Many ayurvedic companies like Snaana have come forward to change the status quo in the market and promote ayurvedic products.


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