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App Designs Blunders To Avoid In The Year 2018

Most businesses have embraced the digital revolution very well and are continuously upgrading their marketing strategies to keep pace with the competitors. Launching business apps to make the products and services readily available at the customer’s fingertips is one of them. Studies have revealed that company sales rise by nearly 55% when there is a user-friendly app available to the potential customers.

But once you have hired a designer to design your app, you need to check whether he is capable enough to create an appealing as well as a functional design. Any single mistake can turn out to be lethal at the time of adoption or app usage. Users wish to interact with an aesthetically pleasing app that is easy to navigate and use.

This post puts forward some of the major design blunders that your app designer must not commit and should recheck before finalising the design.

1. Disturbing First Look: One should strictly follow the famous phrase “The first impression is the last impression.” You simply cannot afford to make any single mistake in designing the home screen page. It should be simplistic yet eye-catching with all the necessary directions or actions provided clearly to the users. Also, the page should take the least possible time to load; otherwise this may turn off the visitors.

2. Non-Strategic Cues: Your app should be capable to communicate with the users in the manner humans do. Yes! You heard it right! Keep sufficient visual elements or cues that convey the users what should be the next step. Choice of colors, fonts and spacing are the three crucial factors to consider by the app designer here.

3. Messy Design: No one likes to be welcomed by a cluttered or chaotic app screen. It seems like that the company is trying to showcase all their attributes in one single screen. This should be completely avoided because this overwhelms the viewers. Instead, you can treat a single page as a provider of particular information and the next page for the next piece of information. This way it will keep the users engage and they will not feel lost on one screen.

4. Small and Non-standard Touch Icons: While designing and placing the icons it should be kept in mind that there would be varied diameter of fingers which would tap them. There will be thin fingers as well as fat ones. If the icons are tiny and put too close to each other then it may lead to a number of inadvertent clicks. Hence, there should be enough tappable area around the icon thus making it comfortable to use by the users.

5. Complicated Interface: People download an app to find solutions to their complicated issues. Be it a business app, an educational app or a lifestyle app, they are meant to solve the users’ problem in some way or the other. In such a scenario creating a complex user interface will further complicate their life and you don’t want that. Right? Your app should be the easiest to operate.

After you have check listed all the major mistakes you’re all set to create an amazing app that is not only visually engaging but also provides great utility to the customers. To get in touch with proficient app and web designer in Florida, please get in touch with Wheelistic Web Design.


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Dennis Landy

The author is a web strategist at Wheelistic Web Design who is an avid writer on topics related to web designing, graphic designing and branding.

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