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An Ultimate Travel Guide For Exploring Costa Rica

Major attractions of Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica, don’t forget to view the beauty of these incredible places and enjoy a pleasurable time.

  1. Witness the majestic Lava

    Before visiting the country, make sure to check out the map of Costa Rica. you will discover that some of the most magnificent lava and volcanoes are settled in Central America. Among all the volcanoes and lava, some are still active. Aregano is the most popular volcano among all. If you are a hiking enthusiast, these lava and volcanoes offer a great opportunity for you.

  2. Stroll through coffee plantations - Central Valley

    The bustling capital of Costa Rica is surrounded by green, cool peaks. These peaks make the touring through coffee plantations a delightful experience. Take a stroll here and find out how coffee is cultivated, processed, and roasted. Plan an overnight stay at one of the phenomenal boutique hotels.

  3. Visit the Nicoya Peninsula

    Due to the lowest rates of mortality among middle-aged women and men, the Nicoya Peninsula is considered as unique. The native tribe of the Nicoya Peninsula is referred to as the Chorotega tribe. These people survive on a staple diet of Beans and corn. Individuals of this tribe and other populations have lived together in an inter-generational form of society.

Things to do in Costa Rica

The beauty of Costa Rica will drop your jaw in awe. The country offers some unforgettable experiences to its visitors, which are-

  1. Enjoy Safari Float

    Safari Float on the Corobici River is one of the best experiences one can have in Costa Rica. take a raft boat and spend some time floating down the Tenorio or Corobici River for two hours. Explore the Tropical Dry Gallery Forest, which is packed with giant trees. Guests can spot iguanas, crocodiles, monkeys, and countless birds. This small tour is a great way to witness wildlife along the riverbed.

  2. Experience the sport of snorkeling

    If you are a water sports lover, then don’t forget to visit the Cano Island biological reserve. Include this place in your bucket-list without giving a second thought. It gives you a great opportunity to swim the blue waters and to explore the astonishing marine lives.

  3. Enjoy Vistas

    Travelling with your better half? Spending a day near the gorgeous waterfall seems like a good idea. If you are on a honeymoon, then La Fortuna waterfall is the perfect destination for you. Continuous falling of water gives you a spectacular view of couples seeking peace.Counted on every visitor’s bucket list, this is a paradise destination. Keep this travel guide handy while in Costa Rica to make the most of your trip. If you are planning a trip to this stunning country in recent times, then opt for Korean Airlines Reservations and minimize your travel expenses.

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