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An Overview Guide to Traveling in India

Most foreigners have a true image of India as a crowded country, which no one can deny owing to a billion plus population in the country. With more than three million square kilometers ahead of you, it is naturally overwhelming to decide the beginning point of your journey. Read the tips given below to find out how you can make the most of your journey, depending on the time you have in hand.

  • Choose only one direction of India to travel around 3-4 states of east, west, north, south, or north-east regions. Each of these directions have at least a few states that offer an abundance of experiences. If you don’t have unlimited time in hand, you will not be able to experience the true essence of the country in just one vacation.
  • Go to the homes of the locals to witness their lifestyle if you are fine with a little less luxuries that you may get in the hotels. Homestays in India are becoming a popular option, and you can find them in almost every city you go.
  • If you are fond of Indian food, it is worth learning the culinary skills of an Indian kitchen. You may want to enroll for professional classes or your host in the homestay may teach you a few skills.
  • If you have to travel to a long distance, you must buy the sleeper class ticket for the Indian Railways. Traveling in a train in the country is one of its kind experience where you get to witness the gorgeous sights of various cities, talk to different people in your coach, and relax as the train moves at its moderate speed. However, you can also buy the AC coach ticket if you wish to have a comfortable journey and reach quickly to your destination. However, the AC coaches are not as vibrant as the non-AC coaches.
  • For a quick journey, you can fly on the popular airlines. Make sure you read the reviews and compare the prices of different airlines before you buy a ticket.
  • In the metropolitans, you can also take the Car Rentals for self-drive. If you hire, Self-Drive Cars Bangalore, for example, you will have to return the car to the same city even if the drop point for the car may change. The Car Rental companies do not provide inter-city pick and drop for their vehicles as of now.
  • Stay in an ashram in any state you like. There are many ashrams of saints where you may relate to their faith and philosophies and learn from them. The best part of staying in an ashram is that they are free of cost most of the times; you just need to donate the amount you feel like contributing. The spiritual journey that your mind and body undergoes while staying there in unique. You will carry the experience along with you throughout your life.
  • Even though each state in India has its own regional dialect, you will find the English-speaking people all through the country. If you are planning to visit or stay in the villages, you may need to learn a bit of Hindi or have a translator with you.
  • The temperatures in India drop to 40-45 degrees during the peak summers in North India. You must plan your journey considering the temperature and bearing capacity of your body.


If you are planning to travel for a long time in India, you are luckier than even the Indians, who can barely manage a week’s holiday. Do enjoy your trip to have the best time of your life.



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