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Aida Care takers for Elderly family members

Sometimes an elderly person experiences situation that can lead to hospitalization with care 24 hours a day, or they may simply need supervision and accompaniment during the night.

That is when we consider hiring an hourly elderly care service. This is known as Aida care. It is important to know the resources that we can have. In addition to knowing what needs are going to be covered and in what way.

What is an elderly Aida care and what does it do?

A caretaker for the elderly is a qualified person who, after detecting the user's needs and assessing their situation, makes a care plan. In this way, he/she adapts the professional experience to provide a higher quality of able living. It is essential to know the functions of a caretaker. Thus, when we are going to leave the care of our family in the hands of someone while we are not present, we can rest because it is in good hands.

Aidacare providing day care to elderly:

Usually it is the family members who raise the care situation. Work schedules are modified, and they even take shifts to be able to spend as much time with their sick family member. Until a moment comes when the situation can overwhelm us. Hiring a part- Aidacare Brisbane will improve the well-being of your elderly member. In addition, the quality of services will increase, and therefore the general health of the person will benefit.

Functions of a caretaker:

All care takerswork with full wakefulness. This means that the socio-sanitary professional is in constant supervision of the rest of the person to be cared for throughout the night. It will provide everything you need for your care. This can be for example:

  • Change absorbents or bed wedge.
  • Mobilizations in hospital beds to avoid the appearance of bedsores   
  • Oral, endogastric, bipap feeding, etc. 
  • Accompany the person to the bathroom.
  • Sharing situations of insomnia which is very common in older people.
  • Supervision in personal hygiene.
  • Night care leads to permanent supervision of hygiene.

What training do caretakers have?

People who work as Aida care takers are trained as:  Nursing, nursing assistants, social health aide, home help aide. This enables them to carry out the necessary tasks ensuring the quality of the service and the well-being of the person.

So, by hiring a professional, we can be sure that our family member is in good hands. Remember that; This service can be given both in homes and in hospitals.


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