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A Wave Of Change - Better Connections For Positive Change.

There was a time when the word politician was mentioned. An elderly man past the age of 50 with gray hair is what comes to mind. Living in India we have come to believe that all politicians are corrupt, full of false promises, and don’t care about public welfare. We have grown to hate each one and expect each to be worse than the other. Perceived to be unapproachable due to their status and egos, solving civic issues was given little or no importance once an election seat was won. Years passed and terms came and went but change never happened and the areas you lived in have been the same since you could recall the first time you saw it. With most politicians of today being children or relatives of past politicians, it is hard to set our minds to accept them or see them with a different perspective. 
In today’s India, times have certainly changed with more and more people becoming aware of their rights and what they are entitled to; the mindset of people towards politicians has changed. People want to get to know their candidate better and check all options before casting their valuable vote. People today are more informed and have better knowledge of the way a government runs. This happens by information sharing via different communication devices like mobiles and the internet, people are no longer influenced by the news on TV, Radio or the opinions of a newspaper. 
The scene has changed from the Political leader’s attitude too. Politicians today are aware of the change in the mindsets of the people and they are more aware of the consequences this can have on their image and for the party the support. The people can no longer be fooled by gifts or promises. It is hard work and visible change that needs to be brought about to ensure voters trust in the candidate. Leaders today have to adopt methods that are more connected to the people to make sure that their trust is won and give the assurance that their candidate is listening to their needs and will do all in the power to provide them with it. 
Keeping up with times, young leaders of today have taken a different and more modern path to connect with the people at a mass level. Social media is a big player when it comes to connecting with the masses. With more people online and having Facebook accounts, it is essential to be active on social media in order to stay at par with the pace of modern communication. Shri Prashant Thakur the candidate who brought about enormous change in the development of Kharghar and Panvel areas is among the young leaders of Maharashtra today. Before the Maharashtra Elections 2014 he invited people to connect with him on WhatsApp so that they can have a direct chat with him at a time of their convenience. Methods like this have helped us take a major leap in being part of the change and working more closely with our leaders. Only time will tell of what great things we can do together in this age of technology and lets break the negative impressions of the past regarding our politicians. 


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