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98-361,Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals

About this exam:

The competition in the field of IT is increasing day by day and in this situation of great competition and race one cannot and must not rely on just simple knowledge rather than that he must go for some specific set of skills that can make you stand in front when it comes to competition in any particular field. Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals is one such thing that encodes you with a specific set of skills. The topics on which this exam focuses are understanding the core programming, software development, web and desktop applications, and general understanding of databases.The exam consists of various types of questions from multiple choice questions answers to case study, build list, simulations, hot areas, drag and drop and create a tree.


How to get prepared:

With the advancement in the field of IT nothing is left hidden from the access of even a common user. Now a days each and every person has an access to various online resources and there are number of ways in which one can get study material for different certification exams likewise is the case with this certification exam test. Three important things that come to one’s mind when we talk about preparing for this certification exam is Instructor led training, Practice tests and learning from community. As far as Instructor led training is concerned it refers to attending lectures by any instructor. These instructor led training sessions are regularly carried out. Secondly talking about the practice test, there are number of online resources that can serve you for this purpose. One of the recommended sites in this case is MeasureUp.comand and last but not the least when we say learning from community it refers to those people who have already gone through this certification exam or have a considerable knowledge about the above mentioned skills and abilities.


Who should do it?

There is no restrictions as to who should take this certification exam and who should not and any person belonging to the field of IT can do it, but as you are going to tests your knowledge and skills in software, web and desktop application and database so it is strongly recommended that only those people should opt for this certification exam who possess the required knowledge.


Registration method:

You can register for this certification exam using any of the two resources that are Certiport and Prometric. Both of these are web hosts for the registration of various courses and certification exams.


TestsExpert is well known in the field of IT and Tech Certification Exams for its preparation material regarding 98-361 exam. More information about the material is available here.



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