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70-462 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Administration Certification

70-462 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Administration Certification Technological changes have facilitated IT professional with the advancements of technology. But it has also increased the duties of professionals. They have to work harder to establish their career in this industry.


Microsoft is the professional company which has provided opportunities for professional to earn various certifications for their skills. 70-462 certification is an online certification which empowers the professional to earn certification for the data base administration of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.


This certification is a technical exam which assesses practical skills of professionals. 70-462 exam questions are presented in the form of multiple type questions. Microsoft offers this professional certification in different languages which include English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese. As this certification is offered in multiple languages which it is suggested that one must opt this certification in native their language.


This 70-462 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Administration Certification will help the participants in qualifying for this certification. It will also more likely to improve their exam performance. However, it would be very helpful for the professional to pay special attention to the exam questions.


Candidates are requested to read the questions twice as it will provide them thorough understanding about exam questions. Thus it leads one answering accurately. For becoming an eligible candidate for this certification candidates need to submit the registration fee of 60 euro but the pricing can be different under different conditions.

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70-462 Exam will assess the candidate’s knowledge in 6 sections. These sections will help to highlight the practical skills of professional. First section will explore the abilities of installation and configuring which include plan installation, install SQL server and relating service, implement migration strategy, configure additio0nal SQL server component and manage SQL server agent.


Second is maintaining instance and database. This section will include configure and manage databases, configure SQL server instance, implement SQL server cluster instance and manage SQL server instance. Next section involve the understanding of optimization and troubleshooting which include resolve and identify concurrency problems, analyze and collect trouble shooting data and audit SQL server instance.


Fourth section of 70-462 exam involve data management which will require the knowledge of maintain and configure backup strategy, restore databases, maintain and implement index, import and export data. Towards the end participant have to express their understanding of implement security which involves manager server roles and logins, database permission, user, database role and trouble shoot security.


70-462 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Administration Certification Last section will measure the abilities of implementing high availability that will include the components of implementing database mirroring and Always On. Knowledge of these sections will be enough for professional to pass this certification. It will provide them with the comprehensive understanding of questions then answering it become easier.


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