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7 Benefits of Yoga That You Were Probably Unaware of

Yoga is a complete workout and has patrons in every part of the world, from every walk of the society. People who know about yoga know two things for sure. One, it originated in India. Second, its practice benefits us in many ways. While most people associate yoga with weight loss or building a healthy body, many people are not aware of the subtle benefits yoga can bring in their lives.

Let’s discuss some of these subtle benefits.

Yoga relieves pain

Surprising at it may sound, yoga, which involves all that twisting, turning, and pain actually helps in relieving pain. All the pain that we suffer when doing those poses actually helps us rebuild our muscles and fix our joints. And on regular practice it cures chronic pain. Yoga transforms our metabolism to naturally subside the pain.

Yoga builds confidence

Before being a physical workout, yoga is a spiritual practice. It brings in us a better awareness of self. Its breathing patterns make us more conscious of our thoughts and actions. And when we are more conscious towards what we do, confidence comes on its own.

Yoga fights stress

Our lives today are rife with stress. Be it the work targets, peer pressure, or just going about with life’s everyday activities - our lives are full of stress. And quite often for most of us it seems there is no way out. However, there is a way out - through yoga.

Yoga helps fight ADHD

Yoga has been found to be extremely helpful for people, children or adults, suffering from ADHD. The key is the synchronization of breathing patterns with physical movements. This helps people in building focus. It also helps in developing the ability to concentrate for long. On regular practice, these effects gradually replace the symptoms of ADHD.

Yoga helps in anger management

By allowing one to become more calm and focused, yoga allows practitioners to control their emotions, especially anger. Again, yoga’s breathing patterns are most effective in this context. In addition, yoga also helps us in controlling our emotions through a better mind-body connection.

Yoga helps us eat better

Yoga practice directly affects our internal organs. It stimulates our metabolism, and removes various toxins present in the body by improving our digestion. This naturally lowers the craving for comfort foods and binge eating. When our body is healthy, it naturally craves for healthier food.

Yoga improves and retains bone density

Loss of bone density is a big concern in old age. By practicing yoga, people can not only retain their bone density but also improve it naturally. Besides, good eating habits are also crucial for retaining one’s bone density.

As mentioned earlier, yoga is an all-round fitness solution that benefits us physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. You can begin your yoga journey at a local studio, but as you will go deeper into its practice, you will naturally be motivated to learn it from the best yoga teacher in Rishikesh, Bali or some other yoga hub.


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