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6 questions to help you choose a personal injury compensation lawyer in Sydney

Choosing a lawyer to represent you for any reason is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Lawyers are what stands between you and compensation from a successful case. They represent your interests, the facts of your case and are responsible for getting you the results you deserve. For personal injury compensation cases, you have one chance to get the right lawyer to represent you and win your case. To put it plainly, the selection of your personal injury compensation lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your case.

Many people who are bringing forth a personal injury compensation case would not have experienced selecting a lawyer and would therefore, be understandably lost when it comes to deciding which lawyer is appropriate. In this article, we’ve set up questions that you should ask your prospective lawyer. These questions will help you determine if your prospective lawyer is experienced, trained and specialised in the areas that you need him to be.

6 questions to help you select a personal injury claim lawyer

  1. What kind of law do you specialise in?
    For a personal injury claim, you must, of course, retain a lawyer that specialises in personal injury compensation. Lawyers are similar to doctors in that each has his or her specific specialisation, making them more effective in that particular area. There are many different types of lawyers, so ensure that you select one that is practised and specialised in compensation. Compensation law is complex and requires years of training and practise. Don't trust a lawyer that accepts your case, but that is not specialised in compensation law.
  2. Are you accredited?
    Your lawyer must be an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law by the NSW Law Society. This specific accreditation is given to personal injury lawyers who have passed a test demonstrating their skill and expertise. Additionally, lawyers who acquired this accreditation would have passed a peer interview with a compensation lawyer. This certifies that the lawyer is trained in compensation law.
  3. Will you be personally handling my case?
    Asking this question is key in ensuring that the person you vetted is the actual person who will represent you and develop your case. If the lawyer will not solely be handling your case or will not be the main lawyer on your case, then ask for the qualifications of his or her team to ensure that your case is in good hands.

    You will find that this happens with larger firms as they are able to hire teams to deal with cases rather than leave it up to one lawyer.
  4. What is the chance of success for my case?
    An experienced lawyer will immediately be able to tell you what the likelihood of success is for your case. Remember that no lawyer can guarantee success, however, he or she should be able to concretely tell you what the percentage breakdown of your success is. If he or she refuses to tell you or says that further research needs to be done, then they may be inexperienced.
  5. Have you handled a case similar to mine?
    Asking this question will give you an idea of whether or not  your lawyer is: 1) experienced in compensation law and, 2) versed in the specifics of your case. We spoke about how important it is for a lawyer to be specialised and experienced in compensation law, however, with your specific compensation case, it can be beneficial to find a lawyer who has handled a similar case.
  6. What is the value of my claim?
    A true expert in compensation law will know the dollar value of your claim and will most likely be able to point you in an accurate range after your first consultation. Please note that this will only be an estimate.  Your lawyer will narrow your compensation range as he or she obtains more information. If your lawyer is unable to provide a range with your initial consultation, then it is likely that he or she is not an expert.

We hope that this article was able to help you understand a bit more about how you should choose a personal injury compensation lawyer. As you would have been able to determine from the article, a lawyer is incredibly important in ensuring that you receive compensation, however, it is all dependent on your case. Regardless, always remember that a lawyer is extremely important in legal battles. A lawyer will ensure that you get the most out of your case, guide you through the emotionally exhausting situation and leave you with a positive outcome. It is better to put your interests in the hands of a legal expert and instead, focus on healing and getting on with your life. In Sydney, there are many compensation lawyers who will be able to help you and your case.


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