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6 Exciting Activities Retired Couples Should Enjoy

Retirement is a great time for the senior couple to spend time together and have new experiences. However, the change toward retirement isn’t always easy and some older adults need help navigating this new period of life. Bethlehem home care professionals share six awesome activities senior couple should try after retirement.

1. Join a Baking Class

Baking classes are fun, soothing way to learn handy new skills. Senior couples can join a local culinary institute to know about a variety of techniques and decoration ideas. Seniors who have little knowledge about the art of baking can have fun in a beginner’s class that involves the basics. These classes can be a wonderful bonding experience for couples, and seniors can use their lifetime culinary skills to experiment with some basic recipes or even create a new one.

2. Create a Family Tree

Retirement is an ideal period to look into the family history. Senior couples can try online and local resources to recall their genealogical history and create a family tree. This wonderful project can bring older couples closer to their past.

3. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be done alone. Staying active and mobile is important for seniors, and going to the gym together can be an amazing incentive to exercise. Couples can join a fitness class together such as water aerobics or yoga or they can also go a local park for a brisk walk while strengthening their bond even more.

4. Adopt a Pet

After retirement, many older adults experience the lacking sense of purpose. Instead of going to the office and having a busy routine, they suddenly have to deal with more free time. Taking care of a puppy or a car can make seniors feel loved and needed. The daily duties of a pet owner, from morning walks to evening belly rubs, provide seniors with a structure to focus on. New pets can be difficult to handle alone for a senior, having a partner to help with food preparation and clean up responsibilities is always great. Seniors couple can work in turns for walking, playing, and feeding the new pet.

5. Travel

Many people want to travel after retiring. Traveling is a noble goal and it is a great opportunity for seniors with wanderlust to go with their partner and explore the world. Seniors couples can plan cruises, which can offer amazing tasty meals and lodging experience, and they can get see some of the most beautiful spots on earth.

6. Learn a New Language

It is important to keep the mind sharp with age. Learning new skills and things is a great way to give brain some exercise, and learning a different language is an excellent choice to do so. Seniors can polish their Spanish or French when preparing for a vacation. Older couples can join a class together at a local community institute for reasonable rates.


Depending on their overall wellbeing, retired couples may need help with daily activities. If your senior parents need help managing daily tasks or symptoms of an illness, consider hiring affordable and professional home care. Bethlehem families rely on in-home care services to get their loved ones the help they need without leaving the comfort of home.


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