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5 Yoga Fundamentals that You Probably Overlooked

Wherever you learn yoga, whether at a local yoga studio, at home classes or ata yoga center in Rishikesh, everywhere you feel the same eagerness about learning new things. And this eagerness continues to grow as you learn more about yoga and its vastness. However, often in the excitement of being able to do so many things - from twisting and synchronizing breath to chanting - most practitioners skip the fundamentals of yoga.

Here are the fundamental principles of yoga that most practitioners tend to forget.

Practice on an empty stomach

Yoga is best practiced empty stomach. The logic is simple. The food we take in requires some time and energy to digest and when we practice yoga directly after taking a heavy meal, it interferes with digestion. It is best to do yoga in the morning. Where doing yoga in the morning is not possible, it is advised to wait for four hours after taking a meal to practice yoga. Remember! Even a cup of coffee or a fruit is considered as a light meal. In case you have taken a light meal, wait at least for an hour before starting your yoga practice.

Don’t skip that pose

Every yoga pose has a purpose. It is inevitable to come across a few poses that you find hard to perform. Most people skip such poses thinking what difference one pose can make. However, one should never think like that, since every yoga sequence has a purpose behind it. Unless your instructor particularly tells you to skip a pose, you shouldn’t do it.

Yoga is a spiritual exercise first, and everything else afterward

Yoga rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit. It builds in us a better awareness of self and all that is around us. Yoga is more than just a physical workout. Considering it more than a physical workout can bring in lasting spiritual insight in a practitioner’s life. Through the spiritual aspect of yoga, we can attain a healthy spirit, which is the source of happiness.

Enjoy the pose

We often conclude the sequence of yoga poses in rush. And amidst this rush, we fail to enjoy our practice. We do not relax, or feel the effects of the poses on our blood circulation. However, we must remember that the essence of yoga practice is to be able to contemplate each yoga pose. And it is the only way to make most out of your yoga practice.

Follow the sequence

Most practitioners are tempted towards doing more challenging poses. In fact, in general, every practitioner has this feeling in mind to rush through easy poses in the sequence and try the difficult ones. But it only increases your chances of getting hurt. It is because a sequence is a thought-out series of yoga poses that gradually makes us ready for the challenging poses. By skipping or rushing through simpler poses, we don’t allow our body to adapt, and as a consequence find it difficult to do the challenging poses.

Following these fundamental principles is the easiest way to enhance your overall yoga experience.


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