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5 tips to be a good driver before driving

Even before you turn the ignition key on your car, you must be a responsible driver. In fact, driving is an art that is not necessarily / naturally accessible to all. That's why you have better follow my 5 tips:

1: The driving manual you will review


It's not because I've been able to get the license right the first time I'm going to say "the driving manual is old story for me". Oh no! Everything you learned during the code course, you must remember all your life (unless you decided never to touch the wheel again). In fact, you must refresh your memory from time to time by immersing yourself in your manual to remember the meanings of signs / tags that you are likely to encounter along your trips in cities / out-cities, traffic lights, In this case, you must have an updated driving manual (Internet is a good way to make life easier for an online revision of the Highway Code) so you do not miss anything that affects the code and conduct.

The manual helps me to master the rules of conduct and to know what basic precautions should I take in case of difficulties. I am not limited to the knowledge of these rules and to having my biometric license (soon 🙂 but I revisit the code again and again to avoid making mistakes.

2: The car will check


 This is a general check not only to prevent breakdown, but mainly accidents related to technical problems. Most drivers neglect the car check before driving if it is a normal ride (they say that checking the car is only necessary before going on vacation). You are mistaken, in this case, because before taking your vehicle, you must make checks that affect:


The tires. History to make sure they are in good condition, in a state of wear or need pressure. You should always have at least one spare tire in your car that can help in case of a puncture.

The lights and lighthouses. Just because you're not going to drive at night does not mean you do not have to check the lights in your car. Take a look before driving to make sure there are no defective bulbs. Moreover, this gesture ensures perfect visibility when riding in the rain or at night.

The brake fluid. You will say "no need to check the brake fluid because your car will not be overloaded". Maybe you are right. But it costs you nothing to take a look at it. Vigilance obliges!

Coolant. You must still ensure that your coolant is level. In fact, the temperature of your engine can rise quickly because of the high temperature and the bottling hours ...

To reassure you, you can still check other details such as windshield wipers, windshield, battery, oil level ...

3: The route you will prepare


 It's not just the long roads that are getting ready before driving. Regardless of the distance you will travel by car, you need to prepare your trip while essentially providing the weather conditions:

If the weather is nice, you must still remain vigilant while remembering which part of your journeys is full of holes, pebbles ...

When it rains, your driving must be conditioned by bad weather. Anticipate visible and invisible obstacles as well as other parameters that may expose you to hazards such as unexpected waterflows, slippery white lines, street buoys, etc. You need to think about reducing your speed and increasing your safety distance. such situations.

When it snows, you must anticipate potential problems to avoid accidents as much as possible. That's what a good driver does. Before driving, you must pay particular attention to the electrical system of your car (battery, starter, headlights), brakes, tires, exhaust / heating / cooling system, wipers, gasoline. You must check your winter driving kit to be able to deal with emergencies.

Preparing the trip before driving gives you maximum concentration in bad weather conditions. This lowers nervous tension and visual fatigue that can cause road accidents.

4: The field of vision you will clear well


Before driving, you must clear all objects that can clutter your rearview mirror and the rear shelf of your car (in fact, some drivers like to hang decorative objects on the rearview mirror and / or place them along the rear shelf). In fact, these tips can prevent you from having a clear view of the outside environment while driving. A situation that can be very dangerous especially in case of a reversing or leaving a parking lot ...

Know that the faster you roll, the more your field of vision decreases. All the more reason to get rid of these objects that can further bother your field of vision during high speed driving. To reduce the risk of accidents, you must free your retro interior and the rear shelf of your car. Other corners can accommodate your objects of decorations except these two locations not recommended.

5: A good sleep you will enjoy


  Just because you're not going to take the long, long-haul routes does not mean you do not have to pay attention to your sleep before driving. The goal is to avoid fatigue during driving regardless of the distance to travel. In fact, lack of sleep triples the risk of accidents. Statistics show that

"83% of  people reduce this time of rest, very advised before taking the road.

More seriously, 64% of them confessed to having experienced an episode of falling asleep while driving.

However, these phases of micro-sleep of one to 4 seconds, very dangerous, can make everything switch.

In fact, at a speed of 130 km / h, you can walk 150 meters with your eyes closed.

It does not cost you to rest well before driving. In addition, you should try not to drive between 13 and 16 hours (digestion time) or between 2 and 5 hours. These are good times to fall asleep especially for people who are sleep deprived. Finally, if you have to drive while you feel tired, you should not drive alone. Travel with someone at your side who can serve as a relay.

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