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5 Smart Tips For Sustainable Gardening

To prevent the flora of your backyard being affected by external impact, many households have started practising ecological gardening. Ecological gardening does not have any proper definition but in simple words, it can be explained as a practice where people rely on natural or home-grown fertilizers and nutrients to stimulate the healthy growth of the plants and shrubs of their lawns. While most of the homeowners have already started adopting this healthy lawn care exercise for their garden, there are some who still use chemical fertilizers, pesticides. But this needs to be changed.

This post is especially a message for those who are still unaware of the term “sustainable gardening”. This post highlights the manifold benefits of sustainable gardening and how it can make this earth a healthier and green planet to live in.

Organic is the new trend – Following organic gardening practices is not only good for the lawn health but also reduces your gardening cost to a great extent. To make things better, start growing food for your family in your garden only. A good soil base fed with natural compost will raise the healthiest vegetables, fruits and cereals. Even if the vegetation is attacked by pests or gets affected by any plant disease, you can treat them with organic pest and medicines.

Landscape mulching – Mulching your yard often would conserve the soil moisture and prevents weed growth. This practice is helpful in areas where usage of water is limited due to certain reasons. Add a mulch layer of your choice to the lawn beds and notice the difference. The preferable mulch options for you are grass clipping, pine needles, bark shreds, etc.

Make your own compost – Do you know that your garden fosters all the finest ingredients needed for preparing high-quality compost? Yes, all the green waste produced from dead leaves, grass clippings, dried flowers, can be transformed into a nutrient-enriched compost pile.

Less watering – Sustainable gardening demands the call for Xeriscaping, a landscaping method that uses lesser water and supports the growth of drought-tolerant plants and shrubs. In this method of gardening, you need to collect water in a rain barrel whenever there is a downpour.

Use organic seed – Never invest in new seeds sold in the market when you can use the dried seeds and heads of the annual flowers of your yard. Collect and store them in a warm place throughout the winter, use them in the upcoming spring and see the magic. Best works with sunflower, morning glory and marigold.

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