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5 Marble Slabs That Makes Your Bathroom Design Look Elegant

It’d be an understatement to say that marble is an elegant stone. This soft stone has an incomparable beauty that has the power to light up any space of your home’s interior. 


More and more people are using marble for home because of its timeless beauty. Hence, the market is filled with a plethora of marble options that people are buying off the rack for spaces like the bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. The bathroom is a space that is very personal and highly used. Therefore, there are some great options available for bathrooms that are lesser-known among people. 


Here are a few that you can consider. 


White Marble 

White marble is great for a bright space. This marble goes well for a full interior or even mix and match the interior. It works well with almost every other subdued colours. You can create a high-end minimalistic approach for a white marble bathroom. These slabs come in almost all sizes you can experiment with that as well. Besides, white marble is easy to clean and maintain, so you get an amazing interior option with white slabs. WHITE MARBLES manufacturers


Grey Marble 

Grey may be a dull colour, but if used well, it can make your bathroom space look very sophisticated. With grey marble, it’s all about the lighting. Placing marble in spaces when it gets subdued lighting can create a calming effect. You can also play along with dark/light colour furniture choices with grey marble. It is, after all, an elegant marble for the bathroom. You can get grey in varying shades with streaks of veins in black, silver, gold etc. GREY MARBLES manufacturers


Travertine Marble 

Travertine isn’t a well-known marble choice for bathroom and that’s a missed opportunity. Travertine is a very versatile stone which can be found in a range of colours from beige to gold to red. What you need to know about travertine is that it has very distinct veiny textures and patterns which can vary from colour to colour. Therefore, if you want a textured marble then travertine is a great option. TRAVERTINE manufacturers


Black Marble 

There isn’t enough that we can say about black. This slab works well with every interior space. You can experiment with plain black to textured black marble for your bathrooms. It works well with radiant gold accessories and furniture but you can play with that based on your choice. It’s a classic marble which is used in commercial hotels to exude an aura of luxury. BLACK MARBLES manufacturers


Beige Marble 

Beige marble is a popular option if you want a vintage feel for your bathroom. This marble works wonders with bathrooms that face a good amount of natural lights, like in open spaces with green plants and a soothing aura. You can get plain beige marble or textured ones based on your personal choice. This marble can be found in a plethora of colours from light beige to dark ones with black and brown veins. Hence, it is a potential option that you can consider. BEIGE MARBLES manufacturers




You can always go through more options and catalogues to find the right marble for your bathroom. It’s all about expressing your personal taste. Don’t hesitate to experiment with colourful marbles like onyx, tronyx and neutral colours like green, red as well. 


If you’re looking to buy high-quality natural stones then opt for Sipani Marbles. As a top marble manufacturer in Bangalore, they have some versatile stones that will take your breath away. All of their marble is imported from some of the best quarries in the world. 


Contact Sipani Marble for more details on their products and services. 




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Sipani Marbles. As a top marble manufacturer in Bangalore, they have some versatile stones that will take your breath away. All of their marble is imported from some of the best quarries in the world.

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