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5 Best Metrics To Analyze Audience Engagement

If you are unsure of how many visitors your website is actually engaging, then perhaps you are failing miserably in achieving your engagement goals. Measuring audience engagement is necessary because it is the sole determinant of your website’s success as well as conversion rate. This article will suggest some easy ways to measure and analyze the audience engagement on every platform that you are very much active on.

1. Evaluate your lead generation – The best way to directly assess your success is to create an attractive lead generation freebie for each of the platforms you are operating. This special offer will pop up as soon as they land on your page and will try to convince them to sign up to avail the free offer. This way, when the visitors sign up you can simply check if your engagement efforts are working appropriately.

2. Useful Content – Another direct way to engage your target audience is by posting worthwhile content on the website blog, social media, or via email. Posting and promoting content that assures to add great value to the knowledge of the readers would definitely increase engagement. The more people will read your post, the more they will share it with their family, friends and associates, and the more engagement it will bring.

3. Hashtags – Since social media platforms have become an inevitable part of marketing strategy these days, it’s vital that you know the basic social media fundamentals and tactics fully. Especially, if you are focussing on Instagram and Twitter marketing, then set your customized brand hashtag first and promote it meticulously to bring it under the notice of all the Instagram and Twitter followers.

4. Getting Your Business App – Though this involves a bit of capital investment (in designing and developing a mobile app), it is the most effective measure to directly assess how many potential customers you are attracting. When you see people downloading your business app, you will get an idea of their level of engagement with your brand. Moreover, you can also collect them personal info like name, email id and contact numbers, which will further open your gateway to direct conversions by contacting them personally.

5. Survey – Utilizing the features of push notifications to send a questionnaire to your prospects will help you to understand their behavior in the best manner. Conducting survey on things like what they like about your products, what are the scopes of improvements, their latest buy, how they have come to know about your brand etc. would engage the audience in a very subtle way.

Without waiting longer, start testing these approaches for your website and social media platforms to calculate your audience engagement. Once you become clear where your strategies are working appropriately and where you are failing hopelessly, you can reorganize your methodologies and start afresh. In this process, if you need any kind of help with your website redesigning or require a mobile app created for your business, then you can reach out to Wheelistic Web Design. In Port Saint Lucie website design, development and graphic design services are best provided by this noted agency and it has earned a lot of name in the market in these years owing to its top-notch quality service.


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Dennis Landy

The author is a web strategist at Wheelistic Web Design who is an avid writer on topics related to web designing, graphic designing and branding.

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