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4 Words Every Pipe Smoker Should Know

Whether you're new to smoking or deep into it, you might have a few problems understanding the diction surrounding pipe smoking. There are enough words to make the experience a worthwhile one, but not if you don’t know at least four of them. With lots of quality products from smoker's outlet making the rounds, you'll want to be familiar with some words so that you know what you're getting. Other than that, knowing such words make you appear more experienced in the art. Here they come:


Pipe smokers live for the smokes and the description that comes with products that help them have a good time. For example, using this is good stuff, along with a pipe goes far enough. But the word stummel represents a unique part of a pipe, one that has existed for quite a while. It's basically made up of three parts. The bowl which houses the tobacco chamber, the shank which links the bowl and the stem, and the transition which forms a junction between the bowl and the pipe's shank. The stummel is everything on the pipe excluding the stem and other apparatus 


Not the ones you eat! Of course, not that cakes are bad, or you can't eat some while smoking. But here, cake is that layer of protective carbon that forms and lines the chamber of a pipe. Most briar pipes have this feature, and it's a great one to have since it makes smoking more enjoyable. What's more, the briar gets covered from the burn and limits the infusion of external flavors into your pipe. 


When you're searching for the good stuff distributor the only thing on your mind is a great time smoking it. Well, a ferrule comes in handy for that because it is that accent at the end of a pipe's shank. It's often a solo material or a combination of several. Further, there there are different types to choose from for willing pipe smokers. 


This is the small amount of unburned tobacco that remains at the bottom of your pipe after you smoke. Depending on individual smokers, some discard it while others keep theirs for a later smoke. Either way, it's a great word to know, and if you're the busy type, perhaps you should save yours too. 


Want a good stuff candy to go along with your pipe? Smoker's Outlet Online is just the solution for you! With the words you now know, you'll have a great time making better choices. 

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