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4 Signs Your Yoga Practice is Benefitting You

People often begin yoga practice as a mere try, but end up being its regular practitioners, and some go as far as becoming yoga teachers. On the contrary, some people begin yoga practice with every intention of including it in their lifestyle, but discontinue their practice after they begin to feel it is not benefitting them in the expected way. Some people also quit yoga practice because they think it is too difficult for them. Both reasons are false interpretations.

All human bodies work differently. Consequently, although similar, but our body needs are different from each other. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the same exercise may take different times in effecting different bodies. Similarly, it is possible that yoga practice may affect different bodies at different pace.

It is true that often yoga affects our bodies in subtler ways. But they are never too subtle that you can’t even notice them. While yoga’s physical benefits are apparent to all, it is its emotional and spiritual effects the often practitioners fail to see. Below are given some signs that will help you in ensuring that your yoga practice is taking its effects.

You have become more aware

Yoga practice brings in you better self-awareness. This refined awareness of self naturally makes us more conscious towards our actions and thoughts. This way we know instantly if we are being distracted. Whether it is yoga practice or any other aspect of everyday life, if you are making more conscious decisions, then your yoga practice is effective.

You are willing to put yourself in uncomfortable positions

Often people find yoga’s challenging poses quite tempting. However, it is when they actually try the poses they find them more challenging. If you are willing to put yourself in such uncomfortable positions, and even willing to try more difficult ones then yoga is certainly benefitting you. As you continue on this path, pain starts to fade on its own.

You have stopped being judgmental

Yoga changes the way we see things around us. It teaches you to see the positive aspect of everything. Although it takes years of practice to make these qualities a natural notion of yours, but a change in your point of view shouldn’t be too hard to notice after a few days of practice. However, a change in your attitude after a few days of practice shouldn’t be too hard to notice.

You have started doing Shavasana seriously

Practitioners often avoid poses that involve no or minimal physical movement. A good example of it is Shavasana. But despite its easiness, it is most difficult to master. And if you have begun to like this pose, then certainly yoga is putting your mind and soul at rest.

People often think that the only way to an effective yoga practice is to learn yoga in Rishikesh and other popular yoga hubs, however, it again a misconception. All you need to do is concentrate on your practice and have patience, and in time the effects will take place on their own.


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