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4 Effective Yoga’s For Easy Delivery

One of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy is yoga. Prenatal yoga is which you can perform safely during your pregnancy. The main focus of this is to reduce any pregnancy related complications and to have a smooth sail through entire pregnancy and birth giving process. Yoga helps in building better flexibility of pelvic bones and muscles so you may practice yoga during pregnancy for normal delivery.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has immense health benefits for a mother to be and also it helps in normal delivery too. Some benefits of yoga for normal delivery are:

  • Yoga helps to improve the overall health of the mother and is excellent for fetus development. It helps in increasing muscle strength and energy which helps during vaginal delivery.
  • Yoga helps in easing pains that you will experience as your pregnancy progresses through proper blood circulation, better muscle strength and improved breathing techniques.
  • Yoga reduces stress, anxiety and pain which relaxes the mind and body. Practicing yoga helps you sleep better.
  • Yoga helps you build stamina which is required during the labor in case of long labor hours.
  • Yoga improves the flexibility of pelvic muscles and bones.


Yoga Postures Recommendation

  1. Child’s pose:

You have to kneel down and sit on your heels leaning forward slowly and walk your arms out long in front of you. Breathe deeply. As your belly grows, you will have to spread your knees farther apart to create space. Pay attention that you do not raise your hips above your heart. It will help in lengthening pelvic floor muscles and ease discomfort.

  1. Deep squat:

You have to stand with your legs wider than hip width and then slowly squat down as far as you can go with your hands pressed together in front of you. You can ask your physical therapist about how often and how many deep squats you should be doing. These help to relax and lengthen pelvic floor muscles and stretch the perineum.

  1. Quadruped cat/cow:

Get down on your hands and knees and then exhale and round your back as you tuck your chin towards your chest. Then inhale and gently arch your back downward while you look at the sky. It helps you to ease discomfort and importantly decrease lower back pain.

  1. Perineal bulges:

When you practice perineal bulges, do it in your planned labor and delivery positions. You should sit on a small towel running length-wise from front to back. Gently press your perineal body (the area between the vagina and rectum) into the towel. Then gently moving the sit bones apart and moving the tailbone away from the pubic bone. It helps you to push during delivery without holding your breath.


Yoga has innumerous benefits for your physical as well as mental health, so you can practice the yoga listed above during your pregnancy. It is important to practice yoga postures in the correct way. Prenatal exercises and yoga postures are beneficial for an expecting mother but you should consult your doctor before performing any yoga postures.


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