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3D Body Scanner: An Important Tool for the Fashion Industry

Have you ever wondered that when you go to a shop to buy a figurine of a famous personality or a popular TV character, they are eerily very accurate? Yes, it is sometimes very unsettling if you think about it, but it also tells us that we are technologically advanced enough to create a replica of a living person. What companies have is a 3D body visualizer that can give a 3D scan of the body of the person with an exact point to point measurement.

Initially, body scanners were mostly used in the fashion industry to get correct measurements of the individuals in 3D to create clothes to give a perfect fit and look. But nowadays, 3D body scanners have found applications in other areas as well:

Health industry: 3D body scanners have found use in the health industry to maintain fitness. These scanners are used at fitness centers and healthcare facilities. Also, they are used at the home gyms to monitor personal health.

3D portraits and figurines: As mentioned previously, 3D body scanners have been used to create miniature figurines and portraits. These are also known as 3D selfies.

Research: 3D body scanners have found applications in scientific research when scientists need a 3D simulation of the human body for analysis.

Fashion Industry, branding, and retail: 3D scanners have been widely used and were initially created for the fashion industry and retail market to improve the fit and design of garments.

If you are an individual or a company in any of the above-mentioned sectors, you would need a top-quality 3D body scanner and you can get it from [TC]², a leading company providing 3D scanning services since 1979. Initially established to support the fashion industry, [TC]² has supplied their best quality body scanners to universities for research, to hospitals, and companies for 3D printing. The 3D body scanners from [TC]² have been used for Size UK study and Size USA study to scan 10,000 men and women to standardize the apparel sizes for the people to give them the best fit. [TC]² provides different 3D body scanners like TC2-19R mobile scanner, TC2-105 Full Body Scanner and more. They have previously worked with North Carolina State College of Textiles, Levi Strauss & Co., US coast guard, and others. This depicts the quality and efficiency of their 3D Body Scanners.

About [TC]²:

[TC]² is a leading manufacturer and provider of full body 3d scanner to the fashion and health industry.

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[TC]² is the world’s first and the largest 3D body manufacturer serving the Fashion, Fitness, and Medical Industries. We bring full solutions to our customers. We are formed to offer 3D body scanners, Consultancy, Training, Installation services, Maintenance & support, Sizing information, specialized software to our targeted vertical markets.

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